Bleston Court Yukawatan

The Style

Bleston Court Yukawatan lies in the forests of Karuizawa where Yukuwa River flows; gentle waterfalls cool the air while the hot water springs warm the body and soul.

Shinshu is renowned for soba and miso, two essential ingredients of Japanese food culture. Wild game such as venison, boar, and wild mountains birds are found in the area. Meats such as lamb, pork, duck and pigeons, are farmed locally with care and fed with organic nuts and cheese for taste and tenderness. A rich selection of mushrooms, mountain plants and young bamboo are served when in season. The dishes are then paired with excellent sake and daring wines from Shinshu.

Yukawatan is about entertaining guests with cuisine of French influence and Japanese tradition that transcends borders.

Experience the freshness in taste and quality in every dish; Japanese trout tartar dressed with fresh yam. Or Ayu, a variety of smelt, considered a delicacy in Japanese gastronomy as in Kyoto, served in a pure consommé and fried as a senbei rice cracker. Wild duck in Salmis sauce with a hint of white Shinshu miso. traditional salt-preserved yuzu matched with blue cheese.

Discover the cuisine of tomorrow, a unique experience that is only offered here, in Karuizawa.

Access & Reservations

Opening Hours Dinner from 5:30pm
Seating 9 tables, 24 seats
Menu 22,000 yen(Tax included)

Wine & Saké Pairing Menu :11,000yen~(Tax included)Course menu varies daily as it is arranged with the best ingredients of the day.
10% service charge will be added to the price.
Address Hoshino, Karuizawa-machi, Nagano Japan 389-0195
Tel +81-50-5282-2267Please fill in the form below for reservations and inquiries.
Call us at this number for today’s reservations.
& Inquiries
ReservationsIf you have a food allergy that needs special arrangement,
please read the following
Reservations can be made from 5 months before the date.
ex) Reservation in June begins on January 1st.
*Cancellation fee will be charged from 1day before the reservation.
*The parking lot of Hotel Bleston Court is available for the guests of Yukawatan.
*We do not serve alcohol to drivers.
*Dress code is smart casual.Please refrain from wearing sandals or men’s shorts in the restaurant.
*There is no smoking area in the restaurant.